Frequently Asked Questions

Can we contact your Athens office when we need assistance with services we book directly online not through Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre?

Only our clients have exclusive access to local assistance in Greece 24 hours, 7 days a week. This assistance only applies for services booked through Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre. We are not able to assist if any issues arise effecting services made with other suppliers or hotels directly. The best thing about travelling with us is knowing that you do not need to worry about anything. When booking with us you have a peace of mind that there is someone available 24/7 to assist you should any issue arise. We assure seamless, stress-free travel so you can be free to focus on having great time.

How long should I stay in Greece?

As long as possible. We suggest starting in Athens then visit some of the islands. The mainland Greece offer abundance of classical sites and usually required at least 4 days to explore the main sites of Delphi, Olympia and Meteora. 2-3 nights in Athens and then at least 2-3 on each island is recommended as travel time and the schedule of the Greek ferries can be unpredictable. Our comprehensive itineraries of 10 to 14 days are most popular. Travellers who want to take advantage of the close proximity of Turkey can combine both countries.

Why is it difficult to find exact hotel locations on a map?

The Greek hoteliers, as well as many online booking engines, can use loose terms to describe hotel locations. Clients can get an unwanted surprise when they realise that the only way to access the idyllic hotel chosen is by donkey trail or by climbing hundreds of steps. Location descriptions are commonly vague, and as there are usually no street names on the islands, it is almost impossible to determine the exact location or real walking distance on some maps. Distances described on the website are often inaccurate. The recommendation is to book with someone who physically knows Greece.

How reliable is booking a hotel room in Greece online?

Hotel rooms in Greece vary significantly – there is no official rating system equivalent to 2,3,4,5 star rating that most Australians are familiar with. Hotel standards also differ between locations and especially on the islands. There are also significant difference between room categories within the hotel. Luxury suites that you may find online could be just a room for rent without any services as there are no regulation related to use of name "luxury" or "boutique". Our recommendation for hotels are based on long term business relationships, past clients feedback and personal experiences – ensuring you get the best value accommodation that is conveniently located, well priced, provides friendly and helpful service and understands the needs of our clientele. We can recommend a hotel that meets your budget and expectations.

Are the ferries all the same?

No! There are different types of vessels, classes and seat configuration with varied options on each route. There are two main types of ferry: Regular Ferries are the largest and slowest vessels – and least expensive. Some may have two to four bedded cabins for night trips. They usually have indoor bars and food outlets. Fast Ferries are usually modern, quick, more comfortable and more expensive. They vary in size from large vessels similar to cruise boats, to smaller boats such as highspeed catamarans, flying dolphins or Hydrofoils.

Where can I find a Greek ferry timetable and make a booking?

The ferry system that connects Greek islands is generally complicated. Itineraries are usually available in short notice and change constantly. Ferry timetables are usually published a month in advance and last-minute schedule changes are common – and usually not communicated! We strongly recommend you have an agent to assist you – inside knowledge will save time and money.

Which island(s) should I visit?

Peaceful, active, party, thrill seeker – Greece has it all. Beautiful beaches and Roman Venetian and Turkish architecture, castles, luxury resorts and traditional villages. There is something to appeal to everyone. Each island is unique and although some are more popular than others, they are all worth a visit. Let us assist you to select destinations to suit your taste and budget – discover Greece at its absolute best or experience what else Europe, the Mediterranean and the Arabian has to offer!

What do I do if there is a strike, schedule change, cancellation or other unexpected event?

We will contact you or your travel agent in advance if we have prior notice of strike, cancellation or amendment, giving you an advantage to book alternative arrangements. If there is no service the same day, we will arrange alternative accommodation and cancel or assist you to amend the services in the next destination(s). We also collect your old ticket, process refund and deliver the new ticket(s) if time permits or we will advise the best way to do it. We will charge cost difference only if applicable. We will provide a letter for insurance purposes clearly stating the reason for change and outlining any extra costs that may have incurred.

What do I do if I need assistance while in Greece?

Our Athens office is available 24 hours 7 days a week and can be contacted by email or phone if assistance required while in Greece.

Do I have to call transfer company to change my transfers if the ferry is cancelled or rescheduled?

If you have booked ferry services with us, we will amend transfer(s) arrangements accordingly in destination(s) affected by the changes. We will communicate with relevant transfer providers and inform them about the change. We do not charge fee for this service, but supplement may apply should you select alternative services.

Can I upgrade my ferry seat?

Yes – we can help you with this as the options vary depending on vessel, company, detonations etc. Some vessels offer one or 2 categories only while other offer the whole range economy seats, business class as well as VIP section with large leather seats, table and extra services. The change must be made before the ticket is issued. We deliver all tickets. No need to print ticket at local offices.

Should I book a transfer or take a taxi?

We strongly recommend to always pre-book transfers in advance. In Greece, regular taxis come in all shapes and sizes and drivers generally do not speak English. There is no uber in Greece. Most islands do not have street names and some may have only 1 or few taxis. Even on the popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini the total number of taxis is under 40 on each despite the fact that there may be over 50,000 tourist on the island at the time. Some hotel especially in Santorini do not have road access hence prebooking transfers with us will assure that your hotel is informed about your arrival in order to send staff to meet you and assist with language.

Which local tours should I take?

We can assist with recommending and booking tours in Athens as well as the islands. We offer preferential rates and provide access to reliable, local offices to assure the quality of service. Book in advance as some tours get sold out quickly

Will it cost more if I book through you instead of online?

Save money and time and take advantage of our packages which combine services into the time and cost effective itinerary. We give you access to savings derived from trusted relations we have developed over many years with Greek hotel owners and managers such as early bird discounts, room upgrades and other benefits – these are offered exclusively to our clients. We can combine specific requests into a time and cost effective itinerary with reliable and cost saving means of transportation, transfers and local tours.

How can I tell if you are a reputable company?

Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre is both a member of CATO and are AFTA accredited. This can be verified through the link below:

Do I need to have an international drivers licence to hire a car in any of your destinations?

Some of our destinations recognise Australian licences, but not all of them. It is always a good option to apply for one if you are considering hiring a car during your travels. Check with our destination specialists or your travel agent beforehand to determine whether you need one and whether they recommend driving in your destination.

What happens if I can't find the exact tour I want in your brochures or online?

The tours in our brochures and loaded online are some of our most popular itineraries that have been perfectly curated by our talented destination specialists. They combine a range of different services including accommodation, coach tours, small group tours, private tours, meal plans, transfers, etc. If you can't find exactly what you or your client are looking for, contact our destination specialist who will be able to package together the perfect itinerary to suit all your needs.

When I book, is my departure guaranteed?

A large range of our itineraries have guaranteed departures, these are usually our small group and private tours. This means that once you book, it doesn't matter whether the maximum number of tour passengers has been reached or not, your tour will definitely go ahead*.

*Certain cancellations due to outside influences and reasons beyond our control (such as natural disasters, government decided closures, pandemics, etc.) may however occur.

If I've booked a tour, will I get any free time?

Yes! Almost all of our tours include free time for you to explore the amazing destination you're in. If you wish to have more time in a destination contact our destination specialists or your travel agent who will be able to organise an extra day or more time with selected specialty tours or just accommodation to suit your needs.

Are you a travel agency?

No, we are not. We are a travel wholesaler. We work with trusted travel agents to provide them with a comprehensive range of services, such as (but not limited to) coach tours, private tours, small group tours, transfers, accommodation, etc. that they can package together and book to construct the perfect trip for their clients. We do however also work with clients directly. Our talented destination specialists in our Sydney office are on hand with encyclopaedic knowledge of all our destinations to help you construct your prefect holiday.

Why should I book with you rather than online?

When working with a travel agent as opposed to online, you have support along the whole way. It completely takes the hassle out of booking. You don't have to think or worry about anything. You have someone to give you un-biased and tailored recommendations dependant on your every holiday need. You won't have to chase up a range of separate bookings, you will have one contact who takes care of everything for you. Booking through us also gives you exclusive access to specials, discounts and inclusions that are not available to everyone.

I am looking for a more exclusive holiday, do you offer five-star hotels or just budget friendly hotels?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of accommodation styles to suit everyone's needs. While we do offer budget friendly options, we also offer top of the range completely exclusive and inclusive accommodation that doesn't compromise on anything! A branch of Greece Med Travel Centre is Luxury Greece Collection, where we offer the best of the best for everyone who is looking to add that touch of luxury to their travels. Along with this we also offer luxury transfers such as helicopters, yachts, along with luxury destination weddings and honeymoons and exclusive tours.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we always recommend all our travellers have comprehensive travel insurance before leaving.

Are meals included with my tour?

Most of our tours also include a range of meals already included in the price. Check with the itinerary to see what is included.

How can I get in contact with your Sydney office destination specialists?

Our destination specialists are contactable by phone or by email. Find all the contact information below:

Phone: Sydney: +61 (02) 8338 6900

Toll free: 1300 661 666

Email: [email protected]

What is a destination specialist?

A destination specialist is what we call the talented staff at Greece Med Travel Centre. They are given this title because they all have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the destinations we offer. There are a few factors that must be fulfilled for this prestigious title. Our staff have all visited destinations that we sell, they have experienced the tours we send our clients on, they have slept in and seen the accommodation we book for our clients, they have travelled on the ferries and transfers we put our clients on, they have been on the cruises we book for our clients, on top of this they all have a real passion for travel and genuinely love all the destinations we offer. This way, you know you are getting all the best un-biased recommendations for your every travel need!

Are flights included in the tour prices shown?

We understand that everyone has specific needs when it comes to the flights they book, so we want to give you the opportunity to pick the best airline, class and seat for you. Due to this, flights to and from the destination are not included in the prices shown. Your selected travel agent can include flight prices in your quote.

Do you offer multi-country itineraries?

Yes of course we do! We can help organise connections between our various destinations. We have a range of tours, including cruises already set up that connect two or three countries. Make sure to take travel time and distances into consideration when choosing what locations you want to visit.

What are my options if I cancel my trip?

Cancellation charges are in addition to any charged applied by your travel agent and calculated according to the number of days prior to commencement of travel. Al ferry tickets are not refundable once paid in full regardless of date of cancellations.

Other services:

  • More than 45 days prior to first date of service – Loss of deposit (minimum A$300 per person
  • From 45 to 31 days prior to first date of service – 50% of the total price of the services
  • Less than 31 days prior to first date of service – No refund.

Certain products might be subject to additional cancellation fees in excess of the above. This will be advised at the time your reservation is confirmed. Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all bookings.

What deposits do I have to pay?

A deposit of $300 per person is required for bookings up to $3000. Bookings over $3000 per person will require a 10% deposit rounded to the nearest hundred. Al deposits must be received within 10 days of confirmation of booking and invoice issue. Some products may require higher deposit in excess of the above. This will be advised at the time your reservation is confirmed.

Can I make amendments to my booking?

We recommend you plan your arrangements carefully to avoid changes to your itinerary once booked. One amendment will be made free of charge. All changes and alterations to bookings after the first one will incur a fee of A$50. If any amendment occurs after documents have been issued the A$60 re-issue fee will apply. No changes to the itinerary are permitted after you've departed Australia.